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Working from home = loneliness?!

I have wanted to do a blog on working from home and isolation in business for some time now and since I sit here in a co-working hub, I thought that it would be a perfect opportunity.

As someone that works from home and someone that has a lot of clients that work from home, I wanted to dispel that working from home = loneliness.

I am a classic corporate crossover; I have worked in large corporate companies for many years and then after having my son I started my own business. I wasn’t quite prepared for the massive change, no IT department, no marketing help, no office or colleagues. There are many positives too of course (flexibility, no boss, no meetings for the sake of having a meeting, I can make decisions very quickly and have full responsibility of my business brand)! Initially I didn’t feel lonely, I was on a massive journey and was excited and filled my days with going out and meeting potential clients. The excitement of a new business became less shiny as I tried to do too much and became frustrated, I stayed at home more and got out less so loneliness was real but luckily I am the type of person that enjoys chatting and being social so this didn’t last long but it can be a real issue for those that don’t have the confidence or struggling with a new business. So if this is you, what can you do about it:

  • get out to a coffee shop, pretend that the people there are your temporary colleagues!
  • have a look at your workspace, does the environment work for your needs?
  • get out to a co-working space, even if only 1 day a week
  • have accountability partners, someone that truly understands what you are going through.
  • go networking
  • here are some other ideas:

working from home guest blog

What has helped you combat loneliness? Would love to hear from you.

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