Guest Blog – Mums That Network

It’s crazy isn’t it, you suddenly become a mum and your whole world is turned upside down (for the best I might add). And then there we are magically, managing to run our own business whilst juggling family life. Many mums these days decide to turn to self-employment as a viable way of having that work life balance, whilst still earning the income they desire. 

So here we are up to your eyeballs in kids ‘stuff’ whilst scratching our heads thinking how the hell are we ever going to get out there and grow our businesses, let alone our networks. It’s starts to feel near on impossible . . . . 

But, is it? I understand how difficult it is to run a business when you are a mum and that networking can often feel really daunting for some. I have been there and many of us fear it, but it is invaluable for making contacts and creating opportunities . . . 

Here’s five reasons why you need to get out there and mingle! 

1. Networking builds RELATIONSHIPS – Relationships are the key to success. People will always do business with people they like and trust. Continuously connect with new people, build relationships and leverage your network. The more people you know, that know what you do, the more recommendations you will get. Successful businesses are built on referrals! 

2.Networking brings NEW IDEAS ​- ​You get to meet other women in business, some perhaps from the same industry or totally different, but every business is unique and each person will bring a different idea to the table. This could be invaluable to your business and with it will come support and FREE advice from your new found network. Use it! 

3. CONNECTIONS – Remember, it’s not just the people in front of you at your networking group that you are being exposed to. You are building connections with their network too. If you have built good relationships, the likelihood is you WILL get a referral for your business. 

4.Increased CONFIDENCE & Positive INFLUENCE – It can be tough especially as a mum juggling life, but stepping outside of your comfort zone and talking to people you don’t know will help increase your confidence. And remember, you become like the five people you spend the most time with, choose them wisely. Spending time with like-minded (mum)entrepreneurs just like you is only going to be a good thing, right? 

5. Make NEW FRIENDS – An added bonus to business networking. Friendships will naturally form through networking as you meet and support each other regularly! 

You will meet like-minded individuals and more often than not great friendships will form! What a great benefit to have! 

Mums In Business Networking is a child-friendly networking group for women that run businesses around their busy family life! It’s not all just about finding your next customer or referral. For us it’s about support, collaboration and building friendships. Get connected with other mums in business that can offer you support and collaboration. Who knows you might even meet a future customer, client or even friend at one of our events.

Building relationships builds your customer base and together we can build bigger and better businesses. 

You have what it takes to make it happen . . . Danielle Heath, Founder, Mums In Business Networking 

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I have experienced first hand the support and magic of Mums In Business Networking.  As some of you know I have my step son with me a few days a week, and thanks to Danielle and her groups I have been able to carry on networking with an awsome bunch of ladies.  Louie also enjoys coming to meetings and playing with the other children Smile. As a child friendly accountancy practice it is great to find other child friendly businesses, and network ladies who share our core values.