PPF Recommends – Tripcatcher

We love this app for keeping track of your mileage.  It is ideal for you if you drive your own car for business.

Tripcatcher is easy to use and also syncs with Xero publishing your expense claim with a couple of clicks.  The app will keep track of the number of miles you do either via your Smartphone or via a browser, ensuring you keep within the HMRC mileage allowance.  You can save your favourite journeys, and even set up recurring journeys for those you complete each week.  You can also use the GPS function from your Smartphone.

If you’re VAT registered, Tripcatcher can also keep track of the VAT you can claim back telling you the receipts you need as evidence of your purchase.  What’s not to love!




Click here to get Tripcatcher set up for your business – or drop us an email today on hello@pinkpigfinancials.co.uk