How can an accountant be family friendly?

We talk a lot about being family friendly at PPF, and that is because this is a really important value to the whole team as well as the majority of our client base.

One of the reasons I started PPF was so I could be around for my children more.  Plus, I also saw how hard it was to progress in your career as a parent, and I wanted to give other mums the opportunity of a career, and not having to choose between family or career; with PPF they could have both.

So why do we focus on being family friendly? Well our children are at the heart of PPF, and most us work around our children – hence why we are only in the office 9-4 – the good old school run!  We know what it’s like to juggle a business/working and a family, as that is what all 3 of us are doing.  I ,myself bring my 3 year old step son into the office at least one day a week, and during school holidays it’s not uncommon for there to be more kids in the office than adults!

Our new office is completely geared up for children – we have an area dedicated just for them.  We have plenty of toys, books, colouring, crafts and lots more to keep them occupied – even a games console for the big kids!  Our clients are welcome to bring their children in to meetings, so they don’t have to worry about sorting childcare when they come and see us.

I also think it’s really important that the kids get to see what us mum’s do and how hard we work.  It’s great to get the kids involved too – you can often find them helping with smaller tasks like scanning and shredding!  

Why not get your kids involved in your business?  We often say to clients using one of our expenses apps to get the kids to help by taking the photos your receipts! 

We know it’s not always easy to get out to meetings when you have little ones – especially when they have naps and/or a strict routine, so we also offer consultations by Zoom, as well as phone consultations and of course we speak to many clients and prospective clients over email.  We try our best to accommodate our clients’ family commitments where we can.

If you’d like to see how we can help your business so you have more time with your family please do get in touch – as a parent in business you need an accountant who understands the juggle.