PPF Recommends – Receipt Bank

Paperless Receipt Management from Receipt Bank

At PPF Receipt Bank is probably our favourite app (after Xero of course!).  We love it so much that it is automatically included in all of our limited companypackages.

No more loosing receipts – with just a few clicks you can take a picture of your receipt as soon as you get it.  Receipt Bank will then extract all the information and send accross to Xero, along with a picture of the receipt.  

If you receive your receipts on email, either as a pdf from a supplier, or in the body of the email (like Amazon) you can just forward on to your personalised email in address (given to you on set up) and let Receipt Bank do the rest.

The latest Fetch feature (see here for more) can even go and fetch invoices from utility suppliers like your mobile phone company – how great is that?  No more logging on to download them – hurrah!

The receipt will then show as a Bill in Xero, with a picture of the receipt attached, ready to be reconciled.  

And that’s it.  Quick and simple.  No need to waste time manually entering the receipt – or hunting around to find it!  




To get Receipt Bank set up for your business visit our Work With Us page where you can complete a quick questionnaire and book a discovery call with us.