PPF Recommends – Pleo

Pleo are an expenses management app, which I have been trialling now for a few months.  It’s a great way to manage expenses for you and your staff.  If your staff regularly purchase items for business/have expense claims then this could be perfect for you.

In a nutshell you load up a prepaid Mastercard, and then give to your staff to pay for their expenses. The handy app sends a notification to the employees phone to remind them to take a picture of the receipt, which is then attached to the transaction on the Pleo portal.  You can then feed the transactions into Xero to reconcile.

You can assign a Pleo card, with custom spending limits, to employees in just a few clicks.  You can see complete company spending information in real-time, and transactions can be automatically categorised to your Xero account codes.

No more expense claims, no more lost receipts, with Pleo it is much easier to manage employee expenses: and your employees no longer need to pay for things out of their own pocket and wait to be reimbursed.


For more on how Pleo can help your business and for a free trial please drop us an email on hello@pinkpigfinancials.co.uk