How we’re living the Pink Pig values by moving out of the office!

After many month’s planning, hours preparing, and cups of coffee consumed, it is official – we’re moving off the farm.

Although we won’t miss the visits from spiders, we’re sad to be leaving some great people (and animals) behind as we make a big move, both geographically and strategically, in our business.

We all want more flexibility in our lives

The more we’ve evolved digitally as a firm, the less common it has become for our clients to visit us in the office. We understand that it’s simply not the best use of your time.

We’ve always promised to help you reach the point where you can set your own working hours, so you can make it to the school plays and sports days, take holidays (where you actually switch off) and be with your family for the most important moments.

It became obvious to us that holding true to our promise also means making our partnership with you more flexible.

It’ll mean more productive hours for the Pink Pig team too. The summer was hard, wasn’t it? Six weeks juggling kids off school, sick days, holidays and still making sure we’re all in the office, fully energised and ready to go.

Our family-led ethos isn’t just for our clients. The reason we have so much understanding is because many of us are also parents, managing and maintaining business around our families. We’ve walked the miles in your shoes (or rather run the miles behind the small children).

What would you do with an extra 56 minutes a day?

A couple of years back, the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) published a report on commuter wellbeing. They found that we spend an average of 56 minutes commuting to work each day, with 55% of participants feeling more stress as a direct result of the daily back and forth.

The study referred to the state of work-life balance in 2016 and predicted that those average travelling hours would likely increase. Since then (thankfully), many big corporations have made moves to become more flexible and accommodating for their staff, in order to improve productivity and wellbeing.

Many of us, business owners and teams alike, are thinking: ‘What else could we be doing with those 56 minutes a day?’.

At Pink Pig, we’re already a largely digital firm, following in the footsteps of many fully-remote firms. We felt it wouldn’t be a huge leap to take the next step and find out.

What’s going to change?

  • On the 21st October, we’ll be moving out of our current premises on Old Park Farm.
  • The existing Pink Pig team will now be working remotely, and we’ll be advertising remote working to new hires (check our our Careers page).
  • We’ll be encouraging more digital communication by using Zoom to make calls and hold meetings.
  • We’re reimagining our workshops! We’re going to be looking at a variation of new, exciting locations to run workshops, so that more people are able to attend. We’ll like hold some webinar-style sessions too, so that you can join us from the comfort of your own desktop.
  • As we no longer have a physical home we can no longer offer our registered address service – however we’ve found a great company to use as our registered office and you can use them too – check out their details!

What’s staying the same?

We’ll have more freedom to visit you

Despite being a digital firm, not all of our communication has to be online. One of the most exciting parts about freeing the team from the confines of our office, is that we have more time to come to yours!

We love seeing people in their workspaces, whether that be a building site, an office or your dining table at home. Sometimes we get to meet you at your favourite coffee shop, or talk business over lunch at a locally famous restaurant.

Helping you move to the next place in your business isn’t all about the numbers, it’s about understanding your goals, hopes and dreams for your life. Sometimes those conversations are best had in-person over a cup of tea.

Flexible working could be the next big move for you too! If you want to ask us anything about our choice to move, or how it could impact your business, you know where we are. *

*Until October 21st!