Looking to work with PPF – Proposal FAQ

Questions about working with PPF - here are our FAQs

Looking to work with PPF but got some questions?  We have you covered – here are our FAQs.  If your question isn’t here, please do drop us an email to ask – hello@pinkpigfinancials.co.uk

FAQ. When will you contact my current/outgoing accountant – I don’t want to **** them off!

A. We will not contact them to request a handover until you are ready for us to do so. When you accept our proposal you’ll be redirected to our welcome page – on here will be the link to our onboarding form where we will ask you for your current accountant’s contact details.  We also have a question on here as to when we can contact them.  Out of courtesy we request that you let them know we will be in touch when you cancel your services with them, so they know to expect contact from us.  Read more about the process here!

FAQ. Can I have a discount?

A.  The easy answer is no!  We feel our fees reflect the value that we offer you and your business, and we respect you and ourselves to not discount our fees so we can give you the service you are paying for and deserve.

FAQ. I don’t know any/all of my references – how do I get them?

A. Your references should be on any letters from HMRC/Companies House – however do not worry if you don’t have these – we can request from your current accountant, or for HMRC/Companies House to re-send them out to you.

FAQ.  Can I pay a one-off lump sum at year end once you’ve done the work?

A. Our payment terms are monthly by direct debit in line with your financial year.  We carry out work throughout the year on your account, therefore you are paying for us to complete this as well as the final year end requirements.  Also, a monthly DD helps both yours and our cashflow! Check out more on why we love Direct Debit!

FAQ. What if I like it but I’m not ready yet?

A.  That’s ok!  We can assist from when you are ready. This quote is valid for 30 days, after this time we will need to re-quote.  If this means we therefore take you on at a later stage the alignment fee will need to be adjusted depending on the month we take you on during your financial year.

FAQ. How does each service work? What do you need from us and when?  When will you have things ready for us – I don’t want it left to the last minute!

A.  Don’t worry, we like to have everything ready in plenty of time, so you are fully aware of tax due in plenty of time, with no surprises.  We will send you our standard processes for each service we will be providing for you – explaining what we do, when we do it, what we need from you and when, and the consequences if we don’t have the info from you when we ask for it.

FAQ. Can I add or remove services after I’ve signed up?

A. Yes, we can be pretty flexible – if you want to add or remove services at any point, we can review your current contract and amend where required and adjust fees accordingly.

FAQ. What is the alignment fee?

Some of our services are spread over the full 12 months of your financial year (ie year end accounts), however if we are taking you on in month 4 for example we’ll only be invoicing you for 9 months instead of 12 – the alignment fee covers the 3 ‘missed’ payments for these services only (ie no software, or monthly services are included in this fee).

FAQ. Are your fees set for the year or will they increase/decrease?

A. We review the payroll service each month and increase/decrease for starters and leavers accordingly.  We then review your bookkeeping every 3 months, and if your transactions increase/decrease over the quarter we will adjust your fees for the next quarter to reflect this.  Then we review all our fees annually, approx. 2 months before year end as a full review of your account.  Other than that, the only increase will be if Xero increase their prices, which we simply pass on!


We hope the above answers your questions – if you have any others please do drop us an email on hello@pinkpigfinancials.co.uk

If you would like to explore working with us and haven’t already booked a discovery call/requested a proposal – please visit our Get Started page, complete our quick questionnaire and book a call!