We don’t do Quickbooks, Sage or Sole Trader Tax returns

We’re really thrilled that you’re interested in working with us.

We always want to make sure that we’re the right match for you, and you’re the right match for us. To help us all make that decision fast, here’s a couple of things we don’t do:

  • We don’t work with Quickbooks or Sage

  • We don’t do Sole Trader Tax Returns

Your choice of accounting software, is of course… your choice!

We love Xero. I don’t know if you noticed, but we’re pretty big fans.

We advise our clients to use Xero because we believe it is the best accounting software for business growth. We love the ecosystem of apps it integrates with. We love how easy it is for our clients to use, and how seamlessly we can partner with them to turn their business goals into a reality. This video from our client Darren at 3D Oak says it all.

We’re not afraid to say that we don’t work with companies who aren’t willing to work with Xero.

That being said – we totally get it if you’ve nailed your colours to the Quickbooks mast. It takes time to learn the ins and outs of a software and to bring all your company processes along. Ultimately, if you’ve invested in Quickbooks and you’re feeling the benefits in your business – we respect that, and we hope for good things for you.

You may be using QB as a Sole Trader

The more we work with limited companies, the less demand there has been for us to provide a tax return service for Sole Traders, so we called an end to this service in 2019.

This goes hand in hand with Xero-only approach, as many sole traders we meet started out with Quickbooks and are happy with the service it provides them.

Our best recommendation for you

We’re often asked if we’ll work with Quickbooks or Sage, or whether we’ll handle a tax return for a sole trader. The answer is no – but we do want to make sure that where we can’t help, we’re passing you on to the very best firm who can.

We highly recommend the following firms, and the fabulous ladies who run them:

Rosie Accounting

Name: Vikki Coe

Email: vikki@rosieaccounting.co.uk

Why we recommend: Vikki was a former Pink Piglet and looks after a number of sole traders, so it goes without saying that we highly recommend her. Where we specialise in Limited Companies, Vikki’s own private work is majority Sole Traders – we love her and we know you will too!

Emco Bookkeeping & training

Name: Sarah Hayes

Email: sarah@emco-bks.co.uk

Website: www.emco-bks.co.uk

Why we recommend: We’ve loved working with Sarah, who has very much the same ethos as us when it comes to making the most of the technology available to you. She’s a breath of fresh air for new business owners and we’ll often point Sole Traders in her direction, as our two firms work in a similar way. Sarah will take care of your tax returns and is also a certified Proadvisor for Quickbooks.

ZSC Accountancy

Name: Zoe Collins

Email: zoe@zsc-accountancy.co.uk

Website: www.zsc-accountancy.co.uk

Why we recommend: We’ve worked alongside Zoe for a few years, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to Sole Traders and Quickbooks users. Zoe has brilliant monthly plans for Sole Traders, with different options based on the level of support you need. She’s great at breaking down the financial jargon so you’re never in the dark about what your numbers mean. Plus she loves Receipt Bank and 1Tap too.

KFH Accounting Ltd

Name: Kylie Fieldhouse

Email: kylie@kfhaccounting.co.uk

Website: www.kfhaccounting.co.uk

Why we recommend: Kylie and her team are another local Essex based firm we recommend for tax and year end support if you’re a sole trader or individual. KFH also do some really great work in the area of wills, probate and inheritance tax – and they’re a lovely bunch!  KFH are also Quickbooks advisors.

Bookkeeping Essex

Name: Liane Clark

Email: enquiries@bookkeepingessex.co.uk

Website: www.bookkeepingessex.co.uk

Why we recommend: Bookkeeping Essex have yearly and monthly packages for tax returns and have a one-off cost for company formation. We would highly recommend Liane if you’re looking for help with your tax return and year end accounts. Liane is also a Sage specialist, so if you’re a Sage user looking for support – she’s your go to!

We hope it’s a match!

Whichever firm you choose to work with, we hope you’ve truly found your people. We wouldn’t recommend the ladies above if we didn’t 100% believe that they have the knowledge, experience and integrity to give you the support you need. So now it’s all about deciding if they’re the people for you.

We wish you the best of luck.