5 reasons not to work with PPF

5 reasons

Are we the right accountancy firm for you? Most people would give you reasons on why you should choose an accountant – but we’re not most people, so here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t work with us!

Reason 1 – You only want a once a year service

We only work with business owners who want a better life for themselves, their business, and their families and are searching for an accountant who does more than just tick boxes. We provide professional support at every step of your journey – all year round.

Reason 2 – We’re not the cheapest

But not most expensive either! It’s our job to bring value to you, all the time, when working with you.  We strive to continually improve our service and not rest on our laurels.  We also give you a peace of mind guarantee on your accounts – we get it done on time and right.  This great service though comes at a cost, and we believe we offer excellent value to our clients.  You can read more about how we price our services in our pricing blog.

Reason 3 – If you won’t embrace Xero and our add on apps

We only work with Xero cloud accounting software, with our add on app Dext (previously Receipt Bank) – we won’t work with spreadsheets, or any other software!  We believe that Xero, along with Dext, is an excellent financial grounding for our clients, and when used correctly we can access so many other great services like cashflow forecasting, budgeting, credit control, etc, to really help your business to grow.  Check out our blog on the magic of Xero.

Reason 4 – You don’t like pink!

Haha, well I’m kind of being serious.  If you want corporate traditional accountants then that’s just not us!  As I said above, we are not most people.  We use apps/cloud software (see reason 2 above),  our branding is quite out there really compared to most ‘normal’ accountants, we like to have fun!

We also work around our chosen lifestyles – around our families.  Lifestyle and being present for those you love is something we value here at PPF.  We want you to do more of what you love with who you love – and we also walk the walk!  Some of our team are part time working around children, volunteering work or travelling around the globe!  But don’t worry, one of the team at least are always around in ‘normal’ work hours and able to help with anything urgent – just bear in mind we may be juggling the kids or something!  You can find more on our values here.

Reason 5 – You don’t want to pay by monthly direct debit

All of our fees are charged on a monthly basis, and payments are collected by DD.  This is a benefit to you as well as us – no large bills – you can budget and plan your cashflow much easier this way, and so can we!.  When you first become a client with PPF we will ask you to complete a Direct Debit mandate as part of our onboarding process.

We may not be the right accountant for you, and that’s ok, but we still want to help – therefore we’ve put together some recommendations of some fabulous people who may be a better fit 🙂

However, if you like what you see and you are interested in exploring working with us at PPF please complete this quick questionnaire, and we will be in touch to arrange a discovery call with us.

Oh, and, we did actually put together a list of reasons to work with us – 50 reasons and growing!  Check them out here.