Our working from home with kids tips

With the announcement that the schools will close from Friday 20th March many o f us will be at home trying to manage work and the kids.  I’m not saying we’re experts and we know it all, but we are regularly managing this juggle – we have been there, done that, got the T-Shirt as the saying goes! So I thought I’d include some of our top tips at managing the juggle:

  • First of all accept that this is not the norm, it will be a juggling act, and it will not go to plan!  Accepting this will make it much easier for you all.

  • Depending on the ages of the kids we’ve found getting them involved in our workto some degree really helps – it helps the kids to understand what you are doing, and why, and they could help with some of your basic tasks like scanning/shredding etc – and it’s all learning for them right?!

  • Try to alternate between a bit of work time, followed by some family time, then back to work time and so on, to break things up a bit.  I’ve always found if you give them some of your time, they’re more likely to leave you alone for a bit and play on their own.

  • Changing working patterns is also very handy, and we’re lucky we’re able to do this.  Look at doing a few hours in the morning before the kids get up/while they’re still sleepy and happy to chill, then spend the day with them, and work again during naps for little ones, and once they’re settled for bed for the older ones.  I’m sure we’ll be doing some of this from next week!

  • Kids of school age will have some school work they will be doing so all sit at the kitchen table together and work – you’re supervising and working – winning (fingers crossed)

  • Teach those who are old enough how to make tea/coffee and keep you topped up all day haha!!

  • Don’t beat yourself up if you need to use the TV and/or tablets/games consoles – they’re all bored and this isn’t the norm, they can have a few extra hours, it’s not going to be forever.

  • If all else fails give in for the day, grab a gin/glass of wine/whatever you drink and go with the flow – tomorrow is another day and there is no point stressing about it 🙂

  • But seriously though – DO NOT ATTEMPT a family game of Monopoly unless you want WW3 in your home…..