You don’t have to choose between your personal life and your business

Birthday cakes or books?

Once more for the exhausted parents in the back… you do not need to choose between your personal life and your business. 

As a firm of accountants who are mostly parents too, we know the struggle is real. You have goals for yourself as an individual, goals for your family life, and goals for your business. But you’re only one person with a limited amount of time. There are so many hopes, dreams and milestones wrapped up in the mix, you feel like you have to compromise on something. 

The good news is, you don’t. When we work with our clients, personal goals and business goals are aligned. We believe your business can facilitate your personal ambitions, which is why we’re keen to talk about them from day one. 

We’re so damn passionate about this message, we put it into a manifesto

Do more of the things you love with the people you love

We are parents in business who support parents in business. So we started out with two family focused missions:

Mission 1: To make the accounting process as quick and simple as possible for parents, so our clients can focus on their businesses and doing the things they love with the people they love.

Mission 2: To give other hard working parents an opportunity to join our team; we offer flexible working that fits around our children as we recognise how important it is to be present in their little lives.

But that doesn’t mean we exclusively work with parents, or exclusively hire parents. Also, parents aren’t just parents. Not every personal goal will revolve around the children. 

Our aim is to take all the stress out of running the day to day finances so your business can grow, and help you understand how your key numbers contribute to reaching the next big things in your life. 

  • You start to feel more like a business owner and less like you’re just doing a job.
  • You have time for that holiday you’ve been putting off for years
  • Your thoughts about the dream house stop being a dream and become an action plan.

That’s where we want the mission to take you.

You’re not just building a business, you’re building a future

As your business grows and changes, your goals will change too. When Cheryl first set up Pink Pig Financials she was a single Mum to two young boys. 

“My initial goal was to cover the bills and be able to work around the kids. That would feel like an achievement. Fast forward six years, life has completely changed and I’m now happily married with a tribe of 5, working towards purchasing a second home in Cyprus. The goal is to eventually move out there when the kids are grown up. But between now and then, our lifestyle goal is to explore the world as much as possible. We’ve adapted the business to become fully digital so we can work from anywhere in the world

Our clients’ future is our top priority. You want to be able to enjoy the work you’re doing in the present, but also be able to plan for the bigger picture – more family time, more holiday time, more time for the community, moving abroad, moving to the country – whatever a good life looks like to you. 

So I encourage you to take some time away from the staff issues, supplier bills, and packed lunches and ask yourself: What does the good life look like to me?

How we help you build your future

We totally get it. Sure, you know what a good life looks like – but it’s hard to let your ambition lead the way when you feel trapped by admin and financial obligations (not to mention trying to make it to school plays, sports days and after school clubs).

We help get you on track by understanding your today and forecasting your tomorrow. 

Understanding your today: To get where you’re going, you need to know where you are. It starts with good bookkeeping. Getting the foundations set up and the bookkeeping running smoothly will help everything else work together. When we have accurate and regularly updated numbers, we’re able to concentrate on other aspects of your accounts, and help your business to flourish.

Forecasting your tomorrow: Once you’ve freed up your time, we can start to turn your ambition into a plan. Forecasting helps us take practical steps towards your ideal lifestyle. We introduce you to business planning, 3-way cashflow forecasting, and flexible reporting, so you really know your business, inside out, and can turn insights into action.

Use our manifesto to see how you can make your dreams a reality 

Take a break. Grab a wine, a gin, a coffee. Whatever your drink of choice is. Whatever gets the brain dreaming. Take the time to read our manifesto. 

There’s no confusing jargon in there – just an explanation of how we take your goals and build them into your business plan, and how our support can help you get what you want out of life. There’s a little about us in there too, so you can get to know the Pink Pig family better. 

We’re excited about this – are you?

Read the Manifesto