How to make the most of your 2022 Holiday Allowance

Make the most of 2022 holiday allowance

Did you enjoy our summer? Here’s hoping that those 2 sunny weeks in June wasn’t it – but you never can tell in the UK can you? You may have plans for a UK vacay this year – whether you’re the type to hike yourself up Ben Nevis, catch some surf in Cornwall, or tuck yourself up in a cosy cottage in the Cotswolds. However you’re catching a break – we definitely all deserve one after this year!

But. Enough pandemic talk! Let’s think ahead to next year, and allow ourselves to dream that we might actually be jetting off somewhere!

You may or may not know that all employed people are entitled to 5.6 weeks holiday per year, which, depending on the nature of the business, may or may not include bank holidays. If you’re a restaurant that’s open 365 anyway, then your staff may need to work bank holidays and therefore get the full 5.6 weeks to take at any time. If you’re an office which is closed on bank holidays, then these will be deducted from the annual leave the workers are entitled to.

Now, as much as we all like a moan, 5.6 weeks isn’t bad, but did you know there are ways to eke that out a little further? (Apologies for those of you that may be contracted to work bank holidays, but this won’t be quite so useful to you!)

For 2022, try this;

  • April 15th –24th. Take 4 days leave for a 10-day holiday
  • May 30th – June 12th. Take 8 days leave for a 14-day holiday
  • Aug 27th – Sep 5th. Take 4 days leave for a 9-day holiday
  • December 24th – 2nd Jan. Take 3 days leave for a 10-day holiday

As a director we know it’s not very likely for you to take the 5.6 weeks – even though you’re the ‘boss’ and technically can work when you want, and take off the time you want, we know only too well that most of you probably don’t even take a full 2 weeks off in a year.  But you should – you need to rest and recharge too!  This is a way you can make the most of having some time off, without worrying about taking too much time out of your business – win win!

So, whether you’ll be catching the late Mediterranean sun in September, or swooshing down the slopes for Christmas, get as many of those beautiful days in as you can, and hopefully, the great ‘no vacay years of 2020/2021’ will be nothing but a distant memory.  🤞🏼