Why do we need to file confirmation statements?

Confirmation Statements

You may have had an email from us with either a reminder to complete your confirmation statement or us asking you to sign off the one we have prepared for you (depending on which services you have selected) but what is the purpose of a confirmation statement, when should it be completed and what will happen if you don’t file it?

What is the purpose of a confirmation statement? 

Simply put, it is a statement made to Companies House to confirm that all the details are accurate and up to date.  It confirms:

  • your Registered Office Address, 
  • your directors information and shareholder details,
  • your standard industry classification code, 
  • changes to your PSC register,
  • your share capital. 

If there have been any changes to your company structure in the past year, your Confirmation Statement should detail these changes.

When should it be filed?

Confirmation Statements need to be filed every 12 months regardless of whether the company is trading or dormant. Usually the statement will be due 12 months after your company’s incorporation date or 12 months after the date you submitted your last statement but you should receive a reminder 14 days before it is due.

Oh no! I’ve missed the deadline, what will happen now?

We’ve all been there… life is busy, work is busy and we’ve now forgotten an important deadline and the stress kicks in! 

A missed deadline for your confirmation statement can have some serious consequences, but thankfully Companies House will give you a small amount of leeway. They will start off with issuing you a warning, although don’t get too lax because if you ignore the warning and still don’t file the consequences get very serious including the registrar striking off your company, which ultimately means your company no longer exists and any assets held by the company becoming crown property. Along with that your company directors and other officers could face prosecution and severe fines as failing to meet your legal requirements is a criminal offence.

How can PPF help?

As I have already mentioned, life is hectic between juggling your business and home life and the less time you can spend dealing with the legal formalities the better, right? That is why we can complete the confirmation statement and file it on your behalf, if this is a service you are interested in then feel free to get in touch and we can discuss the details.