Ellie’s Travel Adventure – Week 1

Week 1 - Mam Tor

Well; it’s been a whole week since we drove out of our driveway in Colchester for the last time and headed out to a life on wheels.

I’d love to say it’s been a week of action-packed adventure, but, as it is when you’re significantly ‘down-sizing’, there was quite a lot that needed taking to parents and family etc for storage.

Ellie & Konrad in the van
Heading off in a van full to the brim! But always room for a little one in the middle seat…

So, first it was a trip up to Manchester to one set of family, and now I’m writing this at my parent’s dining room table in Cambridgeshire.

It was also our first anniversary, so I treated myself to a few days off work, and a spa day.

On Monday, whilst staying with family in Buxton, we got a never-before-seen rain-free day in the Peak District and so thought we should make the most of it and go for a hike!

We climbed Mam Tor, and then over the various ridges and peaks down into Castleton, and back on the old road. We were most definitely feeling it by the end – but had to keep our mouths shut, as my 8-months-pregant sister-in-law was managing just fine! Much fun was to be had though, as my recent gift to myself, a FitBit, was celebrating with us along the way – getting very excited when certain step goals, heart rate levels and heights climbed was reached.

The view looking back at Mam Tor from further along the ridge.
The view looking back at Mam Tor from further along the ridge.

I know that the hours you’re able to work will differ a lot between sectors, but what worked for me on Monday, and what I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot of going forward, was splitting the work day. Although this does require setting your alarm possibly a little earlier than you’d like, to me it’s worth it to be able to make the most of the place we’re visiting too. I was able to enjoy some peaceful hours to myself working through a lot of what I had to do whilst the others slept, before eventually someone got up and made me a coffee..! Then, after a lovely long walk, I was back home around 4 to catch up on any other emails that had come in through the day and complete the few bits and bobs that were left. A big part of this too is keeping an eye on the weather forecast! If it’s going to chuck it down in the afternoon, but the morning is looking good, then many online-based jobs do offer the flexibility to be able to make the most of the sunshine!

Other than that, the week has been pretty chilled to be honest. Like I said, it was our anniversary, so I did take a couple of days off which allowed us to re-boot after a pretty crazy few weeks trying to finish off the van and get moved out of the house. 

A lesson learned already though is this – charge whenever you can! For me, this has been either when we’ve been at relatives’ houses, or in the van whilst we’re driving. When a vehicle is moving, it’s pretty much creating free electricity – there for the taking!

We have the leisure battery, which stores energy, but I would much rather try to tap into that only when necessary, so that we know we’re always going to have enough electricity to keep us going.

And that’s pretty much it from me for this week! Sorry it wasn’t particularly exciting, but next week we’re heading to Wales, and will be trying out our new toy for the first time – an inflatable paddle board – and attempting to climb Snowdon on a good day.

I’m off to make the most of my parents’ shower before we become people that only wash in streams(!) and will be back next week.

If you’re wondering what on earth this has to do with accountancy, then check out more info on Ellie’s adventure – the why, the what and so on here!