Our new Monthly Reports Service

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Attention! This is a PSA (Public Service Announcement) about a new service that we are excited to offer to all clients.

You know that we are accountants who are about more than just dumping a figure on you at year end – what we love to most is seeing businesses grow and business owners thrive in the lifestyle they want, and grow in confidence.

Have you ever wondered;

  • Can I take out a little extra this month, to pay for this unexpected car repair, or my lovely holiday?
  • How can I know how much I should be keeping aside to pay over to the tax man?
  • How well has my business done this month?
  • Have my expenses gone up?

Here at PPF, we have been working behind the scenes to come up with a new monthly report that will provide the answers to these questions, and more. You are already receiving a Quarterly Summary, but we are now able to offer a condensed document for you each month, so that you’ll always have peace of mind, knowing how much you can take out, and the tax implications of doing so. 

A few of our clients have tested this new monthly report for us, and here’s what they’ve had to say;

  • ‘’From a first glance for me personally this is very user friendly, it’s exceptionally clear and there isn’t an overload of information that felt overwhelming. If it did, I would have closed it and looked another time (lol). For me, this was very minimalistic yet I could read what was required and it was explained throughout.’’ – Robyn Drummond, Robyn Drummond Fitness Ltd
  • ‘’I’ve worried before about taking too much in dividends out of the business and struggled to work out how much I could take out. So that part of the report is really helpful for me as it makes me stress less about it! Seeing the revenue and expenses graph is really helpful too. And seeing an estimate of tax is great – I use the Profit First method to put aside money for tax so it’s good to see if I’m on track.’’ – Amber Powers, Amber Phillips Design Ltd

As well as the basic monthly report, we also offer full Monthly or Quarterly Management Accounts, where we help you to track your desired KPI’s (key performance indicators), such as budgeting, sales by team member, or by product etc.

We hope this new service will be able to benefit as many of our clients as possible, and give you the confidence in your business and how it’s providing for you.

If you’re feeling you’d like to know a little bit more of where you are month to month, then please just drop us an email and we’d love to discuss which of these would be the best option for you.

If you are looking for an accountant that will help your business thrive, head over to our get started page to find out more about PPF.