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Picking an accountant is no easy task. It shouldn’t be something to take lightly, after all whoever you pick is someone you are going to be building a long lasting business relationship with and you want to connect with them on a personal level too.

One of our suggestions in our previous blog –  ‘How do I choose an accountant?’, is to ask for client references to see what their experiences have been.

We have plenty of testimonials from clients available on our website but here we delve a bit deeper and share a conversation with one client to hear all about her experience with PPF.

hear from SoniaTell us a bit about you & your business…

“I’m Sonia Andre, founder and director of Ask Sonia Limited. I offer consulting & training services to food & drink businesses in the UK and abroad. 

I help and support teams with setting up and improving various management systems which allow them to make (and keep) food & drinks safe, legal, authentic and of yummy quality”


How long have you been working with PPF?

“I first got in touch with Cheryl in the autumn of 2018. At that time I thought I could do it all alone! (bookkeeping, taxes and all) so I didn’t start working with PPF until about a year later, in August 2019 (because by then I knew better! Ha ha)”


What was it like coming on board as a client?

“It could not have been made easier for me, both the process and the cost of coming on board initially. 

I really appreciated the progressive approach and the support to my new, small – and very little earning – business at the beginning. And I was made to feel like I mattered, I wasn’t just ‘another customer’. To have the boss themselves assessing your needs and giving you those precious bits of the advice at the start was meaningful to me, and very appreciated.

Also Cheryl, the founder, had ‘walked the walk’ herself not so long before, so she could relate to many aspects of what I was going through, and she could advise based on her own experience on certain things – which was more than what other otherwise very good accountants may have been able to do for me.”


What drew you to work with us?

“As I became a little busier I realised that at some point I would struggle with my little Excel spreadsheets to keep up with invoicing, expenses, mileage etc. I had little knowledge on accounting, bookkeeping and taxes and little time, already then, to try and play catch by getting trained on something I was pretty much clueless about.

The other thing which became apparent was that I would soon need some sort of software or app to manage these ‘business side things’ more efficiently. I had started to find out about various tools but then I realised PPF came with all that too – of course you did! One of your strengths as I realised later!

On a more personal level, Cheryl’s family situation and the business vision also clicked with me because the reason I had gone freelance was to have more flexibility, so that I could do a job I really liked AND take care of my young son at the same time.”

What has your experience been like?

“It’s been an all-round very positive journey so far and I hope it continues this way!”


What’s your favourite thing about having us as your accountants?

“You do listen, you do respond, you’re always there when I need help or advice. Just as simple as that”


Want to hear from a few more clients of ours?

It’s always handy to see multiple references – have a look at the video’s below to hear from a few more clients of ours:




If you would like to explore how PPF can help your business, head over to our Get Started page to complete our questionnaire and book a discovery call.