How to get paid quickly & easily – A Complete Toolkit

get paid quickly and easily

The faster you get paid, the more cash you have available and the less stress you experience trying to manage your finances. A strong credit management process ensures your business has a framework in place to get paid quickly and respond faster to late-paying customers.

Our toolkit will help you with practical and proven strategies, and gives you everything you need to ensure you’re getting paid as fast as possible.

The Toolkit is made up of 2 parts – first off The Masterclass!

In The Masterclass you’ll:

  • Understand the impact slow payers have on your business
  • Learn what best practice looks like
  • Identify key strategies to reduce the time it takes your customers to pay you
  • Understand how to approach overdue customers with empathy
  • Learn how you can improve your Cash Conversion Cycle

After watching this Masterclass, you’ll be able to:

  • Minimise the risk of slow payers
  • Revise your processes to better manage your customers
  • Utilise our scripts, guides, and templates to confidently request payment
  • Get paid faster while retaining a positive relationship with customers
  • Achieve more mind, time, and financial freedom

And the second part is the Downloads!

The toolkit includes a range of additional tools to help support you in getting paid, including:

  • Credit Management Guide
  • Email chaser templates
  • Phone call scripts
  • Copy of the PPF ‘down tools’ policy to help create your own

How much does it cost?

For just £49 you get access to the complete toolkit – the Masterclass and the Downloads – for ever, no expiry.

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