Stop procrastinating and get your Minimal Viable Product out into the world!

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Who else spends hours and hours trying to ensure everything is perfect before you hit the go button to launch your product or service?  I have been guilty of this so often, and it stops me getting things out there that can really help our clients.  It’s the perfectionist in me – which is a good thing obviously when it comes to accounts, but not so great when I’m trying to launch something new!

So my new plan when it comes to these things is to get a ‘Minimal Viable Product’ how I want it to be and get it live, and do the rest as I go along! 

For example, I had an idea of some paid consultations quite a while back (OK maybe a year to 18 months ago), but I just couldn’t work out all the steps, how it would look, all the tech to use and how they worked together.  I wanted to use a certain payment method, but then needed to work out the other parts of the process, and just couldn’t get all the bits to work together.

So you know what I did? 

Nothing!  Yep, absolutely nothing.  I used the fact I couldn’t work it all out as a reason to not do it at all.  So no one could book it, I wasn’t helping anyone with my ideas, and I wasn’t making any money.

I was then sharing this with one of my team and it suddenly hit me – why was I trying to reinvent the wheel when there was a perfectly good enough solution to get going with?! 

So off I went and started putting wheels in motion.  I don’t have the perfect solution yet – but I have a good enough one – a minimal viable product.  And at the end of September we was in the place to launch not one, but 3 types of one off consults that I really believe will help businesses – hurrah!

And now launched I can tweak and update and improve as we go along – but at least they’ll be out there and we can start helping people.

So if this sounds a bit like you then my advice is:

Don’t overthink it, just get the basics done.   You don’t need fancy tech or have it all planned out.  Just get those first few bits sorted, put your minimal viable product out there so that it’s done, and then improve as you go.  And similarly if it’s a course you’re working on – you don’t need every session done, just the first few, then do the rest as you go.  

So what is it you’re working on, or should I say procrastinating on, at the moment?  How can you get those first few bits done so you have a minimal viable product which you can launch with?

If you need help with figuring these things out then our coaching services are just the thing for you!  We offer a range of services to help you where you need it.  Interested?  Drop us an email on and we can have a chat about the support that would be best for you.