Can I Put My Takeaway Through the Business?

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It’s officially summertime and if we weren’t busy enough before, summer seems to get even busier! It’s Friday night, it’s been a long week. The thought of just sitting back, feet up, shades on and a glass of your favourite beverage. You have decided, tonight it’s a takeaway night!


If you could pick your favourite takeaway, what would it be? Pizza, fish and chips, kebab, chicken and chips, Indian, Chinese……….now my mouth is watering!! Whatever your favourite takeaway might be, the question is, can I put my takeaway through the business?

It’s a good question isn’t it and something that so many may ask as it can be so tempting, but… what are the do’s and don’ts? 

When can’t I put a takeaway through?

Let’s get the negatives out right away and say that if it’s a regular Friday night takeaway with your family or friends, then the simple answer is no, it just won’t fly.


This would also include any time that you are travelling, (even though for example, you are the director of a company), but you are travelling for reasons which aren’t anything to do with work and you fancy a takeaway along the way. Again, even if you are with family and you would like to grab a quick takeaway, if it is unrelated to work, this would be a no go.

When can I?

On the other hand, on the positive side, there are a couple of reasons when you can put your takeaway through your business!


If you are working onsite and you have a takeaway, this can be claimed through your business. When we say “on-site”, this would not include your regular place of work but a location where you are working temporarily.


Another time would be if you are holding a work meeting with staff or clients, you can claim your takeaway items through your business.


However, please bear in mind that if you do not have any ‘employees’ and you are a director only, then including these costs as expenses, are only allowable if you are away for work and therefore have no choice but to eat out etc.

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I hope that you have found the above useful and more clearer for you so that we don’t get into any trouble. As always though, we are more than happy to chat regarding any further questions you may have on the subject!


All this talk of takeaways has made me hungry so I’m off for a bite to eat! Can you guess what my favourite takeaway is 🙂

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