Nurturing Growth: Building a Positive and Productive Workplace Culture

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Your people will play a huge part in the growth of your business. We all know how important it is to recruit new talent, but it is easy to overlook another key factor – keeping the people you already have. Here are 3 ways you can build a positive workplace culture for your people:

Getting your processes right

Reliable HR processes like an easy system for booking holiday, will help you nurture the trust and respect that a growing team needs, which will help build a positive culture. However, creating a fun working environment will never outweigh the negative impact of things such as repeated payroll errors, so it’s extremely important that you get this right. We know how much time and effort goes into hiring the right people, but having simple and effective HR and payroll software makes it easier to hold on to them.

Listen to your people

Staff surveys are a good way to keep your ear to the ground and monitor how your people are feeling and what you can do to improve their motivation and morale. You can see the results in a very visual report; and tracks changes over time. Remember that happy, engaged employees are productive employees. A study by Gallup indicated that engaged workers are 21% more productive, exhibit lower turnover rates, and lower absenteeism rates compared to those who aren’t engaged. Yet another reason for being a great employer!




Appraisals are another great way to engage your people and show how much you value them as individuals. It’s important to keep a proper account of what is said in these meetings and using your software to store appraisal information in one, secure place will make it much easier to access. This means that you’ll be able to act on the discussions you’ve had and shows your people you’re investing time and attention into them.

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