We dare you, savvy business owner – take this leap of faith

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You, savvy business owner, are trying to keep a tight rein on your finances as the cost of living (and pretty much everything else) is sky-rocketing in front of our eyes, with very little we can do about it!



These 2 things are absolutely key to managing and growing your business, and allowing you to sleep at night, and spend time doing what you love with who you love


But, it can be hard to balance the 2.

There are endless tools, softwares, consultants, coaches etc that would add value in terms of your understanding of your finances, but on the other hand are contributing to the dwindling funds anyway!


So the question is this –

How do you know if it is worth investing your money into a partnership with an accountant who isn’t the cheapest one you can find?


We’ll be honest, by far and away the biggest reason we hear from prospects who don’t come on board as clients is ‘’I love what you do, but I cannot justify this price increase right now’’.


That’s right – we’re not the cheapest accountants out there, and we will never try to be!


If you’re paying £100 a month for a service, you are not going to jump to paying £200 a month for the same thing.


But that’s just it.

It’s not the same thing.


The biggest reasons people enquire with us in the first place?

  • My XXX was filed late
  • I wasn’t made aware of how much tax I have to pay
  • I am always chasing my accountant
  • I’ve been hit with a massive tax bill I wasn’t expecting


These things are side effects of a cheaper service. A cheaper accountant simply cannot afford to…

  • Employ enough staff to ensure all clients are looked after on time
  • Proactively check in throughout the year and have pre-tax conversations
  • Spend time working with clients as individuals to see where tax and money could be saved
  • To help business owners increase their knowledge and confidence in order to run bigger and better businesses
  • To invest in the software and tools they need to manage their own workflows and client deadlines


They can’t afford to do all this, because they’re not charging very much!


We know that our fees may be higher than you were expecting, are currently paying, or would like to pay in an ideal world.



What if that one tax tip from us could save you over £2000 or more on your tax bill?


What if our proactive checks monthly tell you when you’re approaching the VAT threshold, and enable you to raise your prices ahead of time, instead of having to pay 20% of your sales over to HMRC?


What if the fact that we communicate on a weekly basis with you means that we can offer tax-planning advice BEFORE the bill has been finalised and it’s too late?


When you’re comparing prices, and seeing which services are right for you, don’t compare a dry cracker with a delicious chocolate bar.


It’s no good looking at your current price and our price and comparing as if it would be the same outcome.

Because we make one promise to you – the outcome will NOT be the same.


You will feel supported.

You will have a team in your corner who are reachable all throughout the year.

You will know in advance when bills are coming up, or when changes need to be made in the business.

And, most of all, you will sleep easier, stress less, and enjoy running your business because you know you’re being the most tax-efficient, legally compliant and proactive you can possibly be.


So we dare you, savvy business owner, take the leap of faith on this one.


If you’d like to get started with us, drop us a message or complete this Quick Questionnaire to book in a discovery call today.


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