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Introducing on demand masterclasses!

One of our values at PPF is excellence – we’re always learning and evolving, constantly refreshing our own knowledge bank with the latest info and best tech available to make life easier for our clients.

Back in July 2020 we launched our education program for our clients as part of our client community, and then we brought it to the wider world – yay! And now we’ve listened and taken on board your feedback to bring the program into 2023!

Back in that time that shall not be named people had time on their hands and joining live webinars meant both education and socialisation. Now the world is in a different place and you’re here there and everywhere, so it’s not always possible to join live, and instead you prefer to watch when suits you and your schedule. So we’ve shaken it up and switched to on demand masterclasses.

Let’s face it – being a business owner is hard! You’re expected to know so much in addition to your actual craft/trade to ensure your business delivers on your goals. So we now have on demand masterclasses covering finance/accounting/business from the PPF team and have guests joining us so we can cover a wider area of the world of business.

So far we have masterclasses covering things like cashflow, how Xero can help you and your business, sole trader accounting 101, knowing your numbers, budgets.  As well as topics like time management, redefining success, hiring, HR compliance, vision – purpose – values, leadership, marketing, business protection, wills.  And we have many many more to come!!  We’re also open to suggestions – so if there is something particular you would like the PPF team, or a trusted partner, to cover then drop us an email and let us know!

All our on demand masterclasses are free to watch and available as a separate playlist on our YouTube Channel.  We’re dropping new masterclasses throughout the year – so please hit that subscribe button to be the first to know when a new one goes live. And to get your hands on any resources mentioned please drop us an email on hello@pinkpigfinancials.co.uk and we’ll get them over to you!

We hope our masterclasses will help you to understand all the parts of your business.

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